Shay Mitchell Talks Tommy Hilfiger and New York City

Shay Mitchell Talks Tommy Hilfiger and New York City

Story by Justin Moran / Photography by Kohl Murdock
Feb 13, 2024

Nobody stacks their show with famous faces quite like Tommy Hilfiger, who took over Grand Central Oyster Bar this weekend for New York Fashion Week after a two-year hiatus from the city. Shay Mitchell was among the all-star FROW (plus: Sylvester Stallone nearby!), seated with a martini in-hand to watch the American designer’s expression of relatable luxury. The entire production felt like a welcoming cocktail party, as Grammy winner Jon Batiste closed out the runway with a live performance of “Freedom” that brought guests to their feet. PAPER followed Mitchell beforehand (wearing a Tommy Hilfiger baseball cap that seems to be a signature this season) and caught up with the actress post-show to talk about all things NYC.

What's your earliest memory of Tommy Hilfiger?

I don’t even have to think about this one. When I was in middle school I started seeing the logo everywhere. My friend had the white rugby socks with the signature Tommy Hilfiger flag that she would wear with sandals. I thought she was so cool and definitely had the socks and a Tommy t-shirt on my Christmas list that year.

What's the first place you go to when you're in New York?

My best friend’s apartment, quickly followed by a delicious meal at a restaurant. She always has the best recommendations.

How do you think Tommy represents New York culture?

Timeless, classic, chic yet casual and comfortable. Dress it up or wear it down for more of a street look. It fits every mood and is for anyone and everyone, just like the city.

Tommy's shows are always packed with talent. Who were you most excited to see?

I mean the real star is Tommy himself, right?

What from this collection are you most excited to wear?

I absolutely fell in love with the blue trench I wore. It’s versatile and the perfect layer... or dress, in the way that I wore it. Also love the knots and blazers, they’re perfect for the transitioning weather.

When's the last time you were in Grand Central? Where were you headed?

Just because you’re at Grand Central doesn’t mean you’re necessarily headed anywhere! I’ve shot here before, I’ve been here to eat and of course I’ve been on the subway trains (and escalators within Grand Central) up and down the city! It’s an iconic place with incredible NY energy and people-watching.