Crooning heartthrob and all-around snack Shawn Mendes is Calvin Klein's latest brand ambassador, and his campaign is hot enough to keep you warm for the rest of winter. The 20-year-old's Instagram post with the hashtag #MyCalvins shows him lounging around in his tighty whities. And, of course, it's left fans in an Internet frenzy. I mean, it's very clear why

As the caption indicates, the full campaign — a.k.a. more of these photos — are coming this week, and we all can’t wait. For now, here are some of the best, thirstiest, and funniest reactions to what Shawn’s shown us so far.

Here’s a little sneak peak of Shawn in action for the video portion of the campaign:

Bless you, Calvin Klein. And bless Shawn Mendes' abs.

Image via Instagram


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