A Closer Look at Marine Serre's Upcycling Process for Fall 2020

A Closer Look at Marine Serre's Upcycling Process for Fall 2020

A year ago, Marine Serre kicked off a new video project dubbed the "Regenerated Series," which gives viewers a closer look at her signature upcycling process. Each film centers on a specific discarded material that she reworks into new garments, which in past seasons have included everything from bedsheets to tartan plaids.

For Fall 2020, Serre is once again offering a behind-the-scenes glimpse at the making of her regenerated pieces. Each of the materials were selected, washed and treated at her studio in Paris before being sent to manufacturers who produce the final collection.

"We document the regenerating process at its epicenter, in the locations where the garments are assembled, making an ongoing series of short films that allow the viewer to be part of a journey into our factories," the brand said in a statement. "To be among its artisans and their rituals; to see a delicate adaptation of unwanted and yet resilient materials; and to witness their renewal as garments and accessories."

Below, see how the brand transformed six different leftover materials — denim, silk, knits, leather, faux fur, pillowcases and carpet — into one-of-a-kind luxury garments for its Fall 2020 collection.







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Story by Andrew Nguyen / Photography by Diego Villagra Motta / Styling by Angelina Cantú