In April, singer/dancer/all-around-goddess Sevdaliza released her (surprise) debut visual album ISON. With the release, the singer was quickly welcomed into the very elite world of critically acclaimed experimental pop music, and the album topped the iTunes Electronic charts in several countries. Today, the Iranian-born songstress shared the video for the album track "Bluecid."

Directed by the singer's longtime collaborator Zahra Rejis, the video features Sevdaliza in an immaculately gold-trimmed ballroom donning her most stunning look to date. Wearing a long, flowing red gown and decked out in the finest of jewels, Sevdaliza is a vision that seems right at home placed against her luxurious backdrop. The instantly recognizable French porn star Francois Sagat also co-stars as Sevdaliza's "smoldering [dance] partner," and, together, the two glide through the ballroom as "they run through a powerfully seductive dance routine over the haunting song."

Get lost in the ballroom glam.

[youtube expand=1]

Splash photo via YouTube

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