Selena Gomez Is Back!

Selena Gomez Is Back!

What egg challenge, honestly? Forget Kylie and feel free to return to the feed, because it is pure and good once more: Selena Gomez is back on Instagram, after logging off for a prolonged mental health break in October last year.

Gomez, who did sneakily appear on Instagram via friends just before Christmas, posted a series of chic black and white self portraits on her official account this afternoon. She accompanied the shots with a thoughtful caption wishing her fans well and reflecting on what has clearly been a period of self growth.

(A refresher: Gomez had a particularly nasty 2018. Her on-and-off boyfriend Justin Bieber got married to someone else, Stefano Gabbana incorrectly called her "ugly", and she found herself the victim of social media bullying).

"It's been awhile since you have heard from me, but I wanted to wish everyone a happy new year and to thank you for your love and support," she wrote. "Last year was definitely a year of self-reflection, challenges and growth. It's always those challenges which show you who you are and what you are capable of overcoming. Trust me, it's not easy, but I am proud of the person I am becoming and look forward to the year ahead. Love you all."

Happy 2019, Selena!

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