The Greatest 'F**k You' Anthem of 2019 Is Here

The Greatest 'F**k You' Anthem of 2019 Is Here

Sega Bodega, the Scottish producer and NUXXE co-founder, has been an understated force in underground music this past year. Working closely with artists like Shygirl, Col3trane, Quay Dash, Cosima, and Brooke Candy, the producer's hands have been all over the some of the most left-field, innovative work to bubble up from that scene — and that's only the beginning.

Currently working on his debut album, Sega Bodega returned this week with the misanthropic break-up banger and lead single "U Suck." Full of ambient cinematic and alien sound design surrounding Bodega's disaffected vocals, the track is an interesting blend of emo rap and mutant bedroom pop that feels simultaneously vulnerable and cynical. "I don't mean to be rude, but honestly/ Fuck you/ Fuck you/ Fuck you/ Fuck you/ Fuck you/ Fuck you/ Fuck you." Not since Lily Allen, has a straightforward "fuck you" anthem gone so hard and felt so elegant in its simplicity.

"U Suck" arrives alongside a new visual from director and previous collaborator, Bryan M. Ferguson, that literally sees Bodega ripping out his own heart and lighting it on fire. Set in a stark-white bedroom with copious amounts of light pouring in through the windows, the surreal video captures the balance "U Suck" strikes between having your heart broken and being emotionally dead inside.

Watch Sega Bodega's official video for "U Suck," below, and keep an eye out for his debut album out hopefully sometime next year.

Photo courtesy of Sega Bodega