Saudi Arabia Officially Lifts Ban on Women Drivers

Saudi Arabia Officially Lifts Ban on Women Drivers

On Sunday, Saudi Arabia has officially lifted its controversial ban on women drivers.

Prior to the ban's reversal, women needed to rely on male relatives, taxis, and chauffeurs. And so women and men all over the country are rejoicing as this long overdue freedom has been granted. This includes Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal, who took to Twitter to post a video of his daughter Princess Reem bin Talal taking the wheel.

Many others have also taken to Instagram to post photos and videos with the hashtag #SaudiWomenDriving.

This is a historic victory for women in the country, as restrictions on females and sexism have always been rampant in Saudi Arabia's society. The Independentreports that at least 1,000 women leave the country each year due to the ingrained misogyny.

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