Sasha Velour Releases 'The Pink Tall Person' Zine

Sasha Velour Releases 'The Pink Tall Person' Zine

In true Sasha Velour fashion, the drag sensation is one-upping the alt-right trolls with a new zine that takes direct aim at their inability to meme.

But first, a little back story. It all started last month when congresswoman and noted Drag Race stan Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez hung out with Velour after her DC performance of Smoke and Mirrors.

However, after AOC filmed a video with Velour, outfitted in a fabulous, hot pink velvet get-up, the alt-right trolls tried (and failed) to make fun of the "pink tall person" — commentary that soon turned into a joke of sorts between Velour and her fans.

But in addition to creating great response memes from fans, the "pink tall person" discourse also ended up serving as creative inspiration for Velour, who is now releasing a special, limited edition zine based on the concept.

Dubbed (what else) "The Pink Tall Person," Velour is now giving PAPER an exclusive first look at a few spreads from the project, in which she serves some old Hollywood horror glamour with a distinctive fuchsia-filled twist.

Stained pink after her nationwide tour, Velour "took a technicolor kitsch vacation along the California coastline, and these are the results," per the project's press release.

Shot by photographer Gina Garan, the zine is "as if Alfred Hitchock directed Barbarella in a motel just off route 1." Not only that, but "The Pink Tall Person" also includes a little racy centerfold action featuring some artificial, full-frontal nudity that oughta get the alt-right talking.

But if you want in, you better act fast, as Velour is only printing (and signing!) 50 copies of the zine, which are available now via Velour's website.

That said, if you do end up missing out, not to worry — there's also always the option of snagging tickets to Velour's NYE Nightgowns extravaganza at Brooklyn's National Sawdust. In the meantime though, check out our exclusive sneak peek of "The Pink Tall Person," below.

Photography: Gina Garan / Courtesy of House of Velour Productions