Sarah Jessica Parker Admits She Didn't Have Fun at the 2006 Met Gala

Sarah Jessica Parker Admits She Didn't Have Fun at the 2006 Met Gala

As someone who's given us plenty of Met Gala red carpet memes over the years — thanks to her elaborate headpieces for "Punk," "Heavenly Bodies" and "China" — Sarah Jessica Parker is by far one of the few celebs who really has fun with fashion.

She does, however, have mixed feelings about one Met Gala in particular. In a new "Life in Looks" video with Vogue, where she looks back at her outfits from previous Met Gala years, Parker revealed that the 2006 edition wasn't a fun night for her.

For "AngloMania: Tradition and Transgression in British Fashion," the theme of that year's exhibit, Parker wanted to go with the designer Alexander McQueen even though she admits she didn't know him well enough at the time. When they finally arrived together (McQueen also created her tulle and tartan dress), Parker remembers being "cautious" and "careful" around him.

"The shyer he was the more shy I became," she says of the designer while pointing out some of the peculiarities in their body language. "I'm being very careful of him. I feel like I'm literally saying 'Are you okay?' It wasn't a fun night. It was but it wasn't because I was so nervous. I just wanted him to be okay."

Parkers adds that she had such deep admiration and affection for McQueen (she called him Lee) and was just in love with him like everybody else. She even has all the pins and fabric he cut away from all of her fittings in her possession. See more from her interview in the video, below.

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