Sam Smith Says This Moment 'Triggered' Their Transition to Nonbinary

Sam Smith Says This Moment 'Triggered' Their Transition to Nonbinary

Earlier this year, Sam Smith came out as nonbinary and announced that they'd be using They/Them pronouns going forward. Now, the star is opening up about the moment that "triggered the transition."

In a recent interview with Billboardalongside their "Dancing With a Stranger" collaborator Normani, Smith went in depth about the song's writing process and how it affected them personally.

Explaining that they'd just gone through a breakup at the time, Smith said that "the last thing I wanted to do was write a sad song."

"I was listening to a lot of really sexy music because it made me feel better," they continued, "So I wanted the song to capture what I was doing: going to clubs and kissing people."

That said, the true moment of clarity apparently came after recruiting Normani to help bring the track to life. While talking about the far-reaching impact of the hit, Smith brought it back home by revealing that the track "launched me into a really beautiful space of writing and freedom."

"There's a femininity within that song that has ignited a flame within me," Smith said. "It triggered the transition I've made into a nonbinary person."

Read Smith's entire conversation with Normani and a few other key players for "Dancing With a Stranger," here.

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