Ryahn Travels to Brazil in 'Popstar'

Ryahn Travels to Brazil in 'Popstar'

Ryahn dreams of a world that loves without fear. The 20-year-old singer/songwriter from Los Angeles via South Florida is not alone in that utopian desire. But in her music, which marries her instantly memorable melodies with intimate lyrics, it feels as though fearless love is possible — especially when it's delivered with a voice as endearingly familiar as Ryahn's.

Her latest single "Popstar," produced by Sango, is a cushy, certified bop for these reasons, and perhaps others you won't expect. In the song, Ryahn sings about willingly contorting herself into a fantasy for someone's love, but her servitude possesses a greater purpose. "I can be anything you want me to be," she sings. It's not only love that Ryahn will sacrifice herself for, but for her dreams' sake.

"I wrote this about manifesting your dreams," she tells PAPER. "[But] I'm also referencing a love where I'm offering to be apart of someone's fantasy, and speaking on a situation where you wanna be everything you can be for that person, but at the same time asking for reassurance and acknowledgement that they know who you are and what it takes to be you."

Capturing Ryahn's vision for "Popstar" is its gorgeous and colorful Yavez Anthonio-directed video, premiering today on PAPER. To make it, Ryahn decamped to tropical Brazil. There, friends in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro played tour guide and gave her a warm welcome, while also helping to produce the video. That convivial spirit is very present "Popstar," as Ryahn moves from water to shore, hanging out solo on balconies and with friends in pools and on sandy, spacious beaches.

As the singer turns 21 later this month, she'll be sharing even more of herself, with an upcoming single and debut EP to follow. "I'm really anticipating everyone getting to learn little more about me and hear what I've been working on," Ryahn says. "I feel like I'm about to share piece of my heart, and it's a crazy feeling!"

Watch Ryahn's "Popstar," below.

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Photography: Yavez Anthonio


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