This Rosalía And Oneohtrix Point Never Track Is Special

This Rosalía And Oneohtrix Point Never Track Is Special

Back in December 2018, Rosalía shared a photo of her and Oneohtrix Point Never in a studio together, which naturally sparked a wave of speculation about what, if anything, might potentially come of it. Three years later and the two have at long last reunited for a brand new version of "Nothing's Special."

A rework of the closing track off last year's Magic Oneohtrix Point Never, Rosalía brings a new set of Spanish vocals to the mix adding an extra layer of gorgeous silken crooning to the song's already dark atmosphere. Taking on an almost mournful tone, Rosalía's voice glides and glitches out atop a vast expanse of somber synths and dial tones in what amounts to a perfect "down bad" anthem.

"Today I celebrate your music by singing one of your songs cause I always admired you," writes Rosalía in an Instagram post. "The energy in your songs, la bravura and your point of view in music. + u're one of the funniest most brilliant people ive met in my life fr hahhjaj Can't wait to make more music together:)."

Watch the colorful vintage visualizer and lyric video for "Nothing's Special" by Oneohtrix Point Never and Rosalía, out now via Warp Records.


Photography: Robert Beatty