Rodney Chrome Comes for Necks on 'Break the Internet'

Rodney Chrome Comes for Necks on 'Break the Internet'

BYMatt MoenApr 13, 2023

When it comes to breaking the internet, PAPER basically wrote the book on it. From Kim K to Nicki Minaj, BTS to Pete Davidson, nobody knows what it takes to make a moment that will get the timeline talking better than us. So if you are going to be so bold as to name your track "Break the Internet," expect us to take notice. Rodney Chrome has our full attention.

Brooklyn-based, Little Rock, Arkansas-born rising artist Rodney Chrome has been making waves as a multi-hyphenated triple threat with a sound that's not easily defined. A recent grad from NYU's Clive Davis School of Music, Chrome has already graced the stage at AFROPUNK, scored Brie Larson’s Disney+ show Growing Up and had two tracks featured on Oprah's Hulu series Hair Tales with even more plans in store for 2023.

Today, Chrome returns with his first new single of the year, "Break the Internet." A mix of R&B and hip-hop with the futuristic club polish of a Fractal Fantasy track, the artist is fully feeling himself on the track, vacillating between vicious verses and crooned choruses to deliver the full Rodney Chrome experience and break some necks in the process.

"Break the Internet" arrives alongside an Olivia De Camps-directed music video that is just as much as a serve. Described as catering to the fashion fiends, eclectic Shygirl-enjoyers and "the left of center queer crate diggers," the visual features nods to Doja Cat's live performance of "Say So" and Cardi B and Lil Uzi Vert choreographer Sean Bankhead, all taking place in what feels like a queer version of Fight Club. There are looks, there's attitude and there is not one moment wasted where Rodney Chrome does not make it abundantly clear just who the star is here.

"With drill beats being such a staple right now in music, especially my current residence of New York, I wanted to give fans the chance to hear what drill music would sound like in the year 2099," Chrome says of the track. "Pulling inspiration from early 2000’s bounce music, Break The Internet was created to test myself to try and put as many genres (R&B, Hip-Hop, Pop) underneath the umbrella of Drill music. I’ve learnt that the reason I love creating music so much is because my sound pulls from so many genres. Break The Internet is the first offering for my fans to truly see and hear that Rodney Chrome is a genre chameleon that is on the verge of stardom. As a DIY artist music videos are my favorite way to highlight the many talents that I possess as an artist. Break The Internet (the performance video) is my first offering for new listeners to witness that Rodney Chrome has everything and more to offer to the world of music, film, and fashion."

Check out the PAPER premiere of Rodney Chrome's "Break the Internet" below.

Photo courtesy of Rodney Chrome