Does Robert Pattinson Have a TikTok Account?

Does Robert Pattinson Have a TikTok Account?

by Kenna McCafferty

Robert Pattinson has been in the spotlight for the better half of 2022. As is often the case for elusive actors, he’s quietly made his exeunt into the ether post-The Batman press tour, leaving fans starved for his slightly off-color content.

Well, look no further! He’s on TikTok, or... someone on TikTok is pretending to be him. Towards the end of March, a TikTok user named @iam_pattinson awkwardly stepped out, hovered and waved like a sim waiting for direction in a TikTok captioned “Hi there! #robertpattinson #pattinson #robertpattinsonedit”

The account's first video of eight has garnered 20 million views and the account itself clocks in at 590.2K followers. Whether or not the video is our endearingly awkward Rob Pat himself, or an uncanny deepfake remains unclear, but let us review the material.

When we first happened upon this account on our "For You" page, likely due to the high volume of Twilight thirst edits consumed on a daily basis, we were excited, confused and ultimately a bit cringed out.

Each video seems somehow more embarrassing than the next, between playing Batman dress up and strumming an acoustic guitar, which is, of course, the ultimate ick. Subject matter generally centers around two key themes: having TikTok, and being Robert Pattinson, with some Batman-informed posts as well. But the videos weigh in on highly relatable themes, and inside scoops into the life of a world-renowned actor.

He’s just like us! We too “love shooting as well as canceling #robertpattinson #morning #actor.” And don’t get us wrong, there is something so real about loving to cancel plans, but the Russian text used for every sound leads us to believe this account is, unfortunately, fake.

The real Robert Pattinson would never make a slightly off-synch ring light video. And if he did it would be with more of a self-aware irony and without the caption “Yes, I really have tiktok right now #robertpattinson #daddypattinson # pattinsontok” but we are making #daddypattinson a thing.

The account’s bio “<<I am a positive guy at all>> ©” is also a red flag for Rob stans who know Pattinson to a be moody, brooding prince of darkness who is also fluent in English.

The comment sections are full of speculation over the account owner’s true identity. Some fans argue it must be a deepfake due to the blurry tracking near his jaw, as well as his worse-than-usual haircut, others are just happy to get to see more of Robert Pattinson’s face, even if it is superimposed. Neither the account, nor Robert Pattinson have weighed in on the discourse. If @iam_pattinson is, in fact, not Pattinson, we do hope the account could be a source of inspiration for the actor to make his own. We’d love a how-to video on the Piccolini Cuscino. But some things are just too good to be true.

Photo via Getty/ Chris Jackson