Rihanna Horoscopes Are a Mood

Rihanna Horoscopes Are a Mood

It is a well known and undisputed fact that Rihanna is a style icon. She just knows how to turn out a look day after day, year after year, regardless of whether she is going to the Grammys or going grocery shopping. From wearing ball gown to an oversized sweatshirt and joggers, every moment is a fashion moment when it comes to the Fenty mogul.

So it is safe to say that when 25 year-old Brooklyn resident Shari, aka @ChipdNudePolish, prompted her followers to Google the outfit Rihanna was wearing on their birthday, she knew that there would be plenty of material to draw from. A simple challenge, within the day the tweet went viral, garnering thousands of replies making everyone curious to know what their personal Rihanna horoscope is.

Upon hearing about this from a friend while out shopping for food, I knew had to immediately look up my own birthday, December 21st, right then and there as we waited to check out. Thankfully, the results did not disappoint. Business up top accessorized with a belt that says "don't forget, I'm the center of attention" but still keeping it casual by contrasting it with a pair of ripped jeans, there was something that I viscerally identified with in Rihanna's look. Perhaps the version of Rihanna I wish I could be, what I saw in the outfit was a mixture of Uptown aspirations cut with a Bushwick attitude (or as autocorrect accurately reads me for filth: Bushwhack).

The genius of the challenge is that it manages to combine everything Millennials and Gen Z love; astrology, fashion, and Rihanna. In all honesty, a Rihanna horoscope does feel like a fitting update for 2019 and certainly serves as a good distraction while we wait for her next album. The challenge also has the added benefit of giving us an opportunity to take a walk down memory lane and appreciate all of Ms. Fenty's greatest fits. Bonus points if you land a Met Gala look:

Photo via BFA