Rihanna Fans Think She's in 'Black Panther II'

Rihanna Fans Think She's in 'Black Panther II'

With the promise of Black Panther II on the horizon, it would be an understatement to say that fans have been hungry for updates on the film's production. That said, one new casting rumor has sent fans into a frenzy — and for good reason.

This past weekend, a number of eagle-eyed Twitter users noticed that the Google search results for "Black Panther II cast" featured an exciting new addition to the film's original cast: Rihanna.

That's right, despite not appearing on the film's IMDb page, fans apparently spotted Rihanna's name listed amongst expected stars like Lupita Nyong'o, Letitia Wright, and Winston Duke. And though how Rih got there remains a mystery, that hasn't stopped people from freaking out over her potential role.

"Rihanna's gonna be in Black Panther 2 ??? I'm deffo looking forward to this," as one fan said. Meanwhile, others kept it simple and expressed their enthusiasm by writing things like, "RIHANNA IS ON BLACK PANTHER 2."

Granted, Marvel and Rihanna have yet to address the rumor. In the meantime though, you can see the screenshots and what fans are saying about it, below.

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