The Red Flag Meme Has Taken Over Social Media

The Red Flag Meme Has Taken Over Social Media

Been anywhere near Twitter today? If not, you're in for a pretty colorful surprise.

In an everyday context, the red flag emoji is, typically, texted to the group chat as a way of telling someone to stay far, far away from a very suspect romantic interest or shady situation. And though we're mostly used to seeing it used in that way, these warnings have now taken over almost every social media platform, and it's pretty funny to see what exactly people aren't willing to put up with.

The premise is incredibly simple: Pick a dating dealbreaker or controversial opinion — like pineapple on pizza or being anti-meme — and stick several red flags behind it.

Or, alternatively, use the trend to take aim at objectively wrong opinions, such as "Shrek is not that good" and "I don't like Beyoncé."

However, the beauty of this meme is that it's so versatile, which means a lot of them will probably resonate with you. Like this one, which I, personally, agree with 100%.

As well as this one.

However, like all viral things, there's also been an inevitable slew of brand tweets. And while some have been good, it also goes without saying that there are plenty of not-so-good ones.

Either way though, check out some of our favorite red flag memes below.

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