The Five-Woman Collective Regenerating Copenhagen Fashion

The Five-Woman Collective Regenerating Copenhagen Fashion

RECONSTRUCT, the Amsterdam-based five-woman collective, has created a new collection fit for stylish cartoon characters. On February 1st, the last day of Copenhagen Fashion Week, models and skaters donned the exaggerated silhouettes, bright color combinations, and unexpected fabrics at the Copenhagen indoor skatepark. Each piece can be worn in multiple ways with their adjustable zippers and reversible sides, fashioned out of existing pieces of clothing.

The Fall '18 collection, called REGENERATION, is based around five characters: "A new generation of freshly graduated high school kids preparing for a new chapter in their lives." Its 25 looks expand on typical high school stereotypes, including "the bro, the outcast, the troublemaker, the artist and the overachiever."

According to RECONSTRUCT, "[The collection] is a metaphor for the growth [the collective has] experienced since they started their journey together 1.5 years ago. REGENERATION can be interpreted in two very different ways. First, regeneration stands for the ability to recreate lost or damaged issues... Regeneration can also be interpreted as the RE-Generation, the generation of Reconstruct, the youth that we want to empower and inspire. The youth that is growing up with them into young adults, eager to make changes and conquer the status quo. Regeneration is a story about evolution."

For REGENERATION, the collective teamed up with Converse and used their classic One Star skater shoe.

Puffy, quilted water-resistant pants look like a cross between snowboard trousers and sweatpants, paired with a white button-down. Elsewhere in the collection are pinstriped tube tops, structured sweatshirts, length-adjustable skirts, and jackets that only cover the top of your chest, all boasting a playful blend of streetwear, loungewear, and workwear.

Check out RECONSTRUCT's lookbook, below.

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Photography: Yavez Anthonio

Makeup: Levria

Hair: Isa Yasmijn

Styling: Giuliano Bolivar