Is late-season reality television an essential service? Arguably... not. Especially following reports that three members of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills cast have contracted COVID-19 while still filming the show, as the pandemic escalates across the country.

Kyle Richards, Kathy Hilton and Dorit Kemsley have all tested positive for the coronavirus, TMZ reports, but luckily none of them have serious symptoms. Production was shut down last week after a crew member tested positive; they're all expected to make a full recovery at home.

"Sources" say that production of RHOB was meant to be COVID-safe and included protocols like testing and temperature checks, but those can only do so much. Filming a TV shows is the opposite of social distancing, after all.

Supposedly the three women didn't actually contract the virus on set, which seems dubious. Regardless, it all hammers home the point that most people, famous or unfamous, should be quarantining right now if they possibly can.

As far as we know, other RHOB cast members are COVID-free. Erika Jayne is dealing with some other troubling personal issues, however.

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