Rahi Chadda's Fashion Inspirations

Rahi Chadda's Fashion Inspirations

Story by Mickey Boardman / Photography by Vadym Yatsun / Styling by Adele Cany / Makeup by India Rawlings / Hair by Danilo Giangreco
Jan 08, 2024

London-based fashion connoisseur Rahi Chadda is known for pushing the style envelope with his signature bold silhouettes. Chadda travels the globe working with brands like Boss, Dior, Fendi, Louis Vuitton and Versace, and therefore seemed like the perfect model to shoot some of our favorite over-the-top looks from London designers (with a little Paris thrown in). Below, PAPER caught up with Chadda to discuss designers, personal style and global fashion.

Clothing: Jacquemus, Ring: Susan Fang

How would you describe your personal style?

I have many styles, but as I learn along the way, I seek a balance between this striking silhouette that everyone associates with me and some comfort. I have days that can go up to 18 hours nonstop, so my styling has evolved to reflect that.

Do you remember the first designer piece you ever bought for yourself?

Yes! And interestingly enough, my friend and I came across it in my wardrobe recently. It’s a Louis Vuitton wallet that I bought when I was 17. I saved up with all the pocket money I used to get from helping out. It was really special to me at the time, as I felt the value of working hard to buy something that you want. I’ve kept it to remind me of that mindset.

Dress: Bad Binch Tong Tong, Shorts: Moncler, Socks: Luke Saul, Shoes: Manolo Blahnik

Growing up, who were your fashion inspirations?

My inspirations were very contextual, I’d say. I was always fascinated by fashion in a broad sense. I have a deep interest in Asian fashions due to my ancestry. And in Western fashions, I’m obsessed with the focus of craftsmanship and elevated accessories. I have inspirations for different occasions and life moments. Sometimes I’ll look to Tom Ford for my evening looks or, for days where I am required to be more glam and edgy, Karl Lagerfeld will be in my mind.

From a fashion perspective, what’s the best thing about living in London?

You can be you and no one will bat an eyelid, that’s the best thing. There doesn’t have to be a reason for why you’re wearing what you’re wearing. I love my friends’ unique styles, and I am very grateful to my UK audience for embracing and encouraging me to explore fashion further.

Dress: Viola Bellini

Which look from this shoot was your favorite?

There’s this gorgeous Jacquemus look I wore on set. It’s a shirt with red stripes, but then at the bottom seam it transforms into this different shape. In a way, it was a bit like having oversized underwear spewing out of my trousers — it was a moment and it’s lighthearted.

Do you dress differently in India than you do in London?

Yes, but I dress slightly differently due to the climate. If I’m coming to India during the summer, I may need to wear more linens and light pieces than if I was in the UK.

Clothing and shoes: Eden Tan

Do you dress differently for a party than you do for a date?

For a date I prefer to be smart casual to take away from the pretense of the night. It also makes the special person on the other side of the table feel at ease and able to express themselves better. A party is all about excess and being big, a date is to show your intimate side.

Any fashion resolutions for 2024?

Go big or go home! I have more exploring and expressing to do in the New Year.

Top: Bad Binch Tong Tong

Photography: Vadym Yatsun
Photography assistants: Iryl Mugas, Nicola Sclano
Video: Anna Nekrasova
Styling: Adele Cany
Styling assistant: Cordie Watson
Makeup: India Rawlings
Hair: Danilo Giangreco
Set design: Sam Edyn
Set design assistant:
Jeremy Rwakasiisi

Editor-in-chief: Justin Moran
Managing editor: Matt Wille
Fashion editor: Andrew Nguyen
Editorial producer: Angelina Cantú