Kim Kardashian Files Psalm West's Name For Trademark Protection

Kim Kardashian Files Psalm West's Name For Trademark Protection

Business guru Kim Kardashian has reportedly already filed for a trademark protection on two-week-old Psalm West's name.

According to TMZ, Kim looks to be setting Psalm up for his own business with the trademark — though there's no word on when they actually plan on launching something.

However, what we do know is that the trademark filed means that Psalm's name can be used for a variety of hair accessories, hair extensions, beverageware, books, supplements, toys, entertainment services, and a seemingly infinite number of beauty products. Not only that, but based on a large number of the mentioned items, it seems as if Psalm may be getting into the baby product industry, as the list includes changing tables, baby gyms, bottles, blankets, carriers, and walkers — amongst other things.

Then again, this isn't anything new for the Kardashian kids, who all have trademark protections filed for their children — something that the outlet says could be either be putting a block on the use of their names or saving them for the day when the kids do start businesses. But given the number of baby-related items, sure seems like they could be setting Psalm up to become a brand new mogul — and all before his first birthday.

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