Ever felt the urge to heavy dance like no one's watching in an abandoned warehouse or ride atop the bonnet of a moving car because you're just that reckless? You're not alone. WebsterX also gives zero fucks about health and safety.

The Milwaukee-based alt-rap extraordinaire is definitely here to define his own path, blending indie-rock and hip-hop for a sound that is distinctly his alone. The video for "Blue Streak" is further proof WebsterX doesn't do anything by halves, as he takes a night drive on top of a Plymouth Prowler all for "another great video to send out into the universe".

"Blue Streak is the fourth installment of videos i've been making with my close friends and directors Damien Blue and Cody Laplant. People know us for the epic story line driven videos and Blue Streak is a step away from that. The song calls for more focus on performance, color tones, lighting and mood which is exactly what we did."

You can catch WebsterX in LA and San Ana with Injury Reserve this week, but in the meantime check the video below and appreciate the young rapper's commitment to the cause.

Image via Kenny Hoopla

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