After hits like "iCarly," "Hey Arnold," and "Poppin" breaking her name into the exclusive realm of female rap, Rico Nasty deserves to well and truly revel in her hot minute on the rise. While still relatively fresh on the scene, Nasty's molly-infused sugar trap sound has already grabbed the attention of hip hop heads everywhere, and her latest video for "Rojo" proves just what happens with you underestimate her.

Along with rapper/all-round California manic pixie badass Kreayshawn for the visual, Rico Nasty wreaks havoc across the city — driving a drop top with a kidnapped girl in the trunk and robbing a bodega. Like many of the genre's finest, the rapper showcases one of her own alter egos in "Rojo," the take-no-prisoners 'Trap Levigne.'

"In this video Rico Nasty shows another side of her which she calls 'Trap Levigne.'" Nasty says of "Rojo." "The short hair, the laid-back maniac. In other videos we usually see Rico with friends dancing around at the park ("Hey Arnold") or riding bikes ("Watch Me") in this video her and Kreayshawn are breaking glass over heads and tying bitches up."

Wild. Watch below or stream Rico Nasty's Sugar Trap 2 here.

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