PREMIERE: Step into Gussy's Whimsical "In Order to Love" World

PREMIERE: Step into Gussy's Whimsical "In Order to Love" World

By Daryl Seabrooks

If you've ever dreamed a vanilla sky-esque paradise in which you can explore and reconcile all your uncertainties, ready yourself, because that's exactly what rising Australian singer Gussy's new "In Order to Love"-visual delivers.

The Sydney star poses a "series of questions" in the melodic synth-based record, designed to tap into the vulnerability of even the most secure individual. Directed by frequent Gussy-collaborators, Dylan Nicolas and Joe Brennan, "In Order to Love" sees the artist don a range of eccentric 'looks' (note the sassy pair of devil-eared sunglasses!), and explore their own interpretation of a safe haven through a series of dreamscape visuals.

"'In order to love' is about feeling like you're watching the world without subtitles," Gussy says of the track. "Everyone around you seems to know something that you don't and you're afraid you'll make a mistake, you want someone to better explain it all. The song is a series of questions that may never be answered, but screaming them from the rooftops can do a world of good."

Check it out below.