PREMIERE: Meet Duckwrth, the New Cool

PREMIERE: Meet Duckwrth, the New Cool

If there is anyone who truly doesn't give a fuck, it's LA's newest, and arguably soon to be best export, Duckwrth. The rapper, for lack of a better descriptor expertly blends hip hop, funk and rock to create a truly eccentric and undisputedly unique sound (think Outkast meets N.E.R.D meets something entirely out of this world). After a truly banging debut with his critically-lauded first mixtape I'm Uugly, Duckwrth is back with a brand new project, AN XTRA UUGLY MIXTAPE, and you best believe it lives up to its name.

Read our chat with the singer below and catch the premiere of the Alexander Spit-produced "Michuul," the first single off AN XTRA UUGLY MIXTAPE, below.

What do you want listeners to take away from your music?

I want my music to serve as audio caffeine. I want it to be the pickup you need when you're stuck in traffic, arguing with your landlord, and burning fat at Equinox.

Your sound is incredibly versatile, tell me a little bit about your inspirations, and what went into formulating it.

My inspirations span from gospel and hip-hop, to classical and metal. I serve as an in-between so whatever explodes from my face and makes it to the album…is my regurgitation of such.

Talk to me about your process when you begin a project.

I never begin a project. The rhythms and harmonies ooze from my very humorous, textured, random-ass life.

How important to you is industry recognition? Co-signs etc?

It's important in this climate of clout-driven music [business] BUT greatness always finds it way to the surface. So even if you don't get that co-sign, if you put in time and effort (and your shit is fire) it will find its way. Watch me be living proof.

What is success to you?

Success to me is a farm in South Africa, a loyal wife, some kids and grandkids to pass my wealth and cool punk jackets to…but most importantly, peace of mind. As far as music, a LEGACY. Also leaving music and art that will surpass my lifetime and make the continuous struggle, long strenuous road trips, the fights to get the color pallet right, and the beautiful accolades that follow, VERY – MUCH – WORTH – IT.