PREMIERE: Lose Yourself in the Lycra Dream that is Tony Pops' New Video

PREMIERE: Lose Yourself in the Lycra Dream that is Tony Pops' New Video

If people in shiny pink lycra morph suits grooving to 80s-esque synth is your jam then you've come to the right place – LA-based artist Tony Pops new video for his latest single P.S (Picture Show) more than delivers the goods.

The Nicole Prokes-directed visual is all one could dream of playing on the projector they borrowed from a friend for their Brooklyn house party to impress that depressingly alternative Zoey Deschanel-esque girl of one's dreams. It's wonderful and very bizarre (She's All That performance art scene-level bizarre) and we're absolutely here for it.

"This video to me is truly an art piece with the use of color and bodily movement," Tony says of the video. "I've always been big on grooves when it comes to music, so when Nicole mentioned dancers I was hooked. Bodily movement and dancing are big factors for me and it is my favorite thing next to making music."

Tony, who got his start as a rock band drummer, has arrived with a bang, both writing and producing as well as killing a series of collaborations with LA's finest. Keep an eye out for his EP in a couple of months time, it's sure to be an absolute banger.

Check the video below and consider slipping back into something a little more comfortable – perhaps a morph suit?

Image via Chris Swainston
Choreographed by Nugget Bulman
Styled by Raina Silberstein