Premiere: Watch Cardiknox's Playful Visuals for New Summer Jam "Fuck With You"

Premiere: Watch Cardiknox's Playful Visuals for New Summer Jam "Fuck With You"

Cardiknox - the LA pop duo of Lonnie Angle and Thomas Dutton - are back with their first new music since releasing their debut album Portrait last year. The upbeat song is reminiscent of some of their past tour mates - think Carly Rae Jepsen vibes - and is the perfect bop for the second half of the summer.

A statement from the band reads, "This video was a serious undertaking and a labor of f'ing love. We've always been super hands-on with our videos, but decided to tackle this one completely on our own—from directing to editing to post-production. It was born as a manic vision of neon lights, stop-motion, and love-sick sketches a la 7th grade doodles on your spiral notebook. It ended up requiring four full days of shooting, 700 long-exposure photos (shot in the middle of the night in the desert), 500 hand drawn sketches, 24 takes for every shot of footage you see (creating stop motion animation), and a home bedroom transformation into a green screen studio (via paint, blood, sweat, and tears). All in all, there's a ton of eye candy here, and the 'light writing,' which you see in the drop, is a combo of Thomas' brother, Sean, drawing words and patterns with an LED flashlight while the camera shutter stays open, and utilizing a Pixel Stick that we programmed with words and patterns and 'painted' into each long exposure frame. Our hope was to create something uniquely visceral and something you'd want to watch over and over."

Check out the video below:

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