Pornhub Is Saving the Bees

Pornhub Is Saving the Bees

Where would we be without Pornhub? The internet's favorite adult entertainment platform is once more using its web traffic numbers for good, launching a campaign to preserve dwindling bee populations called "Beesexual."

More than 700 North American bee species are reportedly headed towards extinction, and Pornhub has commissioned tongue-in-cheek "bee porn" videos to help educate its 100 million daily users about this issue. To maintain interest, the videos are narrated by popular adult entertainers. Statistically speaking, there's likely someone out there with this highly specific kink.

The channel will also donate to bee-saving organizations like Operation Honey Bee and The Center For Honey Bee Research. As a press release notes, this is by no means Pornhub's first charitable cause — the company has fundraised to save whale populations (sperm jokes were made), donated to human sexuality research projects, and launched a free leaf removal service ("Pornhub Blows").

Pornhub, thank you. For your puns, for your vast library of sex videos, and for your philanthropy.

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