Pornhub Launches 'Cleanest Porn Ever' Campaign

Pornhub Launches 'Cleanest Porn Ever' Campaign

Hot on the heels of their Scrubhub hand washing parody site, Pornhub has debuted another clever campaign to help flatten the curve.

Earlier today, the adult streaming platform announced their "Cleanest Porn Ever" initiative, which features some of their most popular models in a series of instructional videos meant "to help educate the public on how to stay clean even when getting dirty during the age of COVID-19." After all, as Pornhub Vice President Corey Price put it, "instructional videos can be dry and boring, but this entertaining series proves that social distancing can still be sexy."

Packed full of safe-for-work tidbits on proper hygiene, social distancing protocols, and tips on how to maintain a healthy sex life in quarantine, there's also a series of uncensored versions made with the help of stars like Danika Mori, Leolulu, Josy Black, the legendary Asa Akira, and more.

"Even if the pandemic is now heading in an optimistic direction, we need to remain vigilant. People must pay attention to safety and protection guidelines more than ever," model Junie Liu said, per a press release. "Wash your hands more frequently, respect social distance and wear masks. You are not only doing this for yourself, but also for all the people you care about."

In addition to challenging fans to have "the safest, cleanest sex possible, and provide additional resources on how to stay safe during the pandemic," the campaign also comes on the heels of the company's recent announcement that 100% of their video sales after processing fees would be going back toward models financially impacted by the pandemic.

Do your part and check out the (uncensored) campaign for yourself, here.

Photo courtesy of Pornhub