Pornhub has removed several images from its Classic Nudes guide.

In July, the adult entertainment platform launched an interactive guide to erotic art from major art institutions around the world, which featured Pornhub's own recreations of the classic images. However, it didn't take long for museums like the Louvre and the Uffizi Gallery to hit the platform legal threats for copyright infringement and unauthorized use of their collections, with other institutions like the Met making it clear that they weren't too happy with the project.

As a result, ArtNews has now reported that Pornhub has removed artworks from the Uffizi Gallery, Louvre and the Museo Nacional del Prado following the backlash, though the site's kept up content inspired by paintings in museums that haven't issued formal complaints, including the Musée d'Orsay, the Met and the National Gallery.

That said, Pornhub's initiative was an effort to help museums affected by the pandemic, as the company believed the project would spur people to visit and support the aforementioned museums. However, the Louvre, Uffizi Gallery and the Museo Nacional del Prado have yet to comment on the move.

Photo courtesy of Pornhub

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