P!nk Admits She Should 'Say Less'

P!nk Admits She Should 'Say Less'

P!nk is rethinking how much she overshares in her interviews.

Amidst the release of her ninth studio album Trustfall on February 17, the 43-year-old singer made the rounds on the media circuit, making several comments about other stars and former collaborators, from Madonna (who she said doesn't like her) and Christina Aguilera (who she said wanted to fight her on the set of the music video for "Lady Marmalade").

Over the weekend, the "U + Ur Hand" singer took to Instagram to reveal that she was "saddened and disappointed" over the numerous headlines that had resulted from her comments. "[For] every one or two women I’ve had issue with — there are hundreds that I’ve complimented and supported and loved on," she wrote in the caption of her post, a selfie with her 11-year-old daughter Willow.

Continuing on, P!nk admitted that she allowed her own personality to get in the way, saying she is "notorious for saying too much" and citing "the bullshit that gets thrown at us hardworking women." She also offered insight on her own self-advice, saying, "I also believe in authentic apology — and owning your mistakes.I should say less. Every time. Say less."

Friends and peers of the Grammy Award-winning singer quickly jumped into the comments, with Brandi Carlisle writing, "I’m one of the women you’ve stood by and supported since day ONE. I love you and your gorgeous album exactly as you are. Fuck ‘em."

Actresses Hilary Swank and Busy Phillipps also chimed in, with the former thanking P!nk for being "vulnerable, authentic, and an eloquent speaker of truth" and the latter quipping, "Honey they’re always ready to reduce women to clickbait. You are and have always been so much more than that."

P!nk ended her post on a positive note, speaking directly to Aguilera as well as her fans, writing, "Christina — you know where we stand. Resolved. Onwards and upwards. And thank you all for listening — and for the 25 years Of kick ass love and support. Peace ✌🏽"

Read P!nk's full statement on Instagram below.

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