Get Your Erotic Fan Fic Fix at This 'Perverted Book Club'
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Get Your Erotic Fan Fic Fix at This 'Perverted Book Club'

Regular book readings are cool and all, but have you ever wanted to go to one with an erotic edge? Where you can listen to someone recite anything from a Wikipedia sex page to a Larry Stylinson fanfic to a dramatic rendition of a pizza delivery porno? Well if so, you're in luck, because we now have the Perverted Book Club.

Put on by Dream Baby Press founders Matt Starr and Zack Roif, the first-ever event is set to take place this Sunday, November 13 in an old-school porn shop called Blue Door Video, where New Yorkers can celebrate eroticism by watching 10 artists read non-original works that are typically enjoyed in private.

With planned readings from the likes of Divatronic founder Nick Laughlin to Whore of New York author Liara Roux, Starr explained that the lineup was curated based off who they thought "would come up with really fun things to read in the porn shop." And that's especially true in a hole-in-the-wall spot like Blue Door Video, which Starr explained is a "really beautiful" location that "feels stuck in time," as well as "one of the last places in Manhattan to buy [non-porn] DVDs."

"You could go there for a vibrator, poppers or a Rom Com," he said. And this feels pretty apt, seeing as how the event is set to feature a diverse array of material, spanning from naughty song lyrics to vintage gay erotica letters to old personals ads.

"One person is reading excerpts from the 'My Immortal' Harry Potter fan fic dressed in full wizard garb, another reader is doing a sex toy instructional step by step, and another person is reading a choose your own adventure gay erotica," he said, before adding that "this might be the first and only time you get to see these 10 readers together read erotica in front of a rainbow colored wall of dildos."

That said, don't despair if you can't make it this time, as Starr and Roif plan to have plenty more Perverted Book Clubs in the future, though we'd recommend you try and make it to this one if you also want the Cobrasnake to take your pic.

So with the promise of Amazon sex toy reviews, "Snape's throbbing manhood" and photos in front of a bunch of cock rings and pocket rockets, Perverted Book Club sounds like the perfect way to cap off your weekend. And you can get all the details about the inaugural event via the flyer below.

Photo courtesy of Matt Starr / Dream Baby Press