Watch Paula Abdul Nearly Decapitate Julianne Hough

Watch Paula Abdul Nearly Decapitate Julianne Hough

Awards shows are all fun and games and pastel-colored Taylor Swift performances until someone gets hurt. At last night's Billboard Music ceremony, that person was unfortunately Julianne Hough, who fell victim to Paula Abdul's powerful hat hurling skills and ended up in a neck brace.

One of several memorable musical acts last night, Abdul sang and danced and literally free fell her way through a medley of hits during the show, sticking to a tap dancing theme complete with black bowler hat. Bowlers are obviously designed to be frisbee-ed through crowds, and we completely forgive Paula for what happened next:

Julianne! Nooo! Anyone but a Hough! Luckily the actress pulled through, and was all smiles on social media afterwards. Abdul didn't apologize, exactly, but she did say she'd thrown the hat in a spirit of "love."

As Hough notes, getting hit by Paula Abdul's hat is an "honor." During her first awards show performance in 29 years, no less. She's a legend. Watch the whole medley here.

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