Patrick Church Dreams of Sex, Dresses for Attention

Patrick Church Dreams of Sex, Dresses for Attention

Patrick Church is becoming revered for his hand-painted pieces, covering vintage denim jackets, leather chaps, slip dresses, hoodies (and more) in his colorful, queer imagery. The New York-based multimedia artist has also garnered a significant pool of famous fans, including Teyana Taylor, Tan France, the Clermont Twins, Chella Man, and Nyle DiMarco. With this increase in demand, Church has naturally needed to increase his output, which is why spring 2019 saw him go into production for the first time.

The collection's original pieces debuted this NYFW during Church's art opening at Toth Gallery, where a gorgeous cast of older women wore the brightly patterned looks. Much like his original painted clothing, spring 2019 features repeated nude torsos and portraits of wide-eyed women with makeup streaming down their faces. There's also humorous, honest commentary: "I dream of sex," says a one-shoulder top; "I dress for attention, but feel nervous when I leave the house," reads another.

For Church's new campaign, out today, he shows how his designs are intended to be worn — on all genders, stacking prints on prints on prints, and ideally bearing as much skin as possible. Shot in a retro, technicolor space, the imagery also features Church's original paintings hung on the wall. See it all, below, as well as photos from Church's spring 2019 presentation here.

Photography: Nik Antonio
Art Direction: David Motta
Hair: William Schaedler
Make Up: Andrew d'Angelo
Models: Joel Wolfe & Jennifer Pugh

Film: Griffin Stoddard, feat. Megan Schaller