Paris Hilton's Coachella Fashion Do's and Don'ts

Paris Hilton's Coachella Fashion Do's and Don'ts

"I am not into tie-dye. I think it looks wack."

There are many, many celebrities who have become Coachella regulars over the years but there is probably no fairer Coachella queen in all the land than Paris Hilton. We asked the former PAPER cover star to take over our Instagram Stories and share her festival fun (which you can still check out now!) along with some Indio fashion do's and don'ts.

What are you planning to wear to Coachella this year?

This year I [wore] some custom made dresses that my friend Michael Costello made for me as well as my favorite festival dresses by my friend Shahida Parides, the prints are gorgeous. On top of all my dresses, I always wear my best friendm Brandi Howe's line Bowenero. [I] love her pieces, they make any outfit look sexy. I will also be rocking my flower kitty ears from my friend Flower Children Only's line and some beautiful crowns I got from Dollz Kill.

How would you describe your go-to festival look?

Every year I love to dress up like a flower child / raver barbie. I love festival season and Coachella is one of my favorite festivals next to Burning Man.

Do you have any festival fashion regrets?

I have no festival fashion regrets. I always kill It. I always have so much fun dressing up for these music festivals.

What is the best footwear for Coachella?

The best footwear is flats for sure. When you wear heels, it is super uncomfortable and you can't have that much fun running around and dancing. I love wearing my Paris Hilton Ballerina flats from my new collection.

Are there any Coachella fashion trends you're really sick of?

I am not into tie-dye. I think it looks wack.

What is one thing you would never wear to Coachella?

I always have my hair in braids, so it keeps my hair looking great. One thing I would never wear to Coachella is Louboutins. I have seen girls there wearing them and they look beyond.

Splash photo courtesy of Matt Cowan / Getty Images