Jewelry designer Pamela Love has teamed up with HOBO, the American heritage handbags and leather goods company, to create a limited edition 50-piece handbag capsule. The collection is the third installment in HOBO's Artisan Series, and features handmade bags with one-of-a-kind bar piercings and semi-precious stones on three classic designs.

The video campaign for the collaboration is just as creative and bespoke as the collection itself. Love enlisted friend and creative director Chrissie Miller to direct a whimsical "audition" video, featuring sunglass designer Niki Takesh as the casting director.

"When Pam and I met to talk about what kind of video we wanted to make for this collection we laughed about the process of having to choose the girls we would use in the film," Miller said. "We thought it could be fun to make that process the film. Seeing the all these different faces with the bags could be really interesting. We didn't tell them what they would be doing or really why they were there other than for a HOBO X Pamela Love go-see. We had them stand on the stage and asked them different questions. They all had a lot of fun!"

Watch the models jump through hoops for their 'audition' below and see the full collection here.

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