Paloma Ford and Rick Ross Star in 'All For Nothing'

Paloma Ford and Rick Ross Star in 'All For Nothing'

by Fred Sahai

Paloma Ford's latest release is nothing short of dazzling. "All For Nothing," off her newly released X Tapes EP, deals with romantic disappointment but turns heartbreak into an opportunity for growth.

To the LA singer, "All For Nothing" reflects the overall message of X Tapes. "It's the climax to a moment where things fall apart and you have the choice to move past it or bask in the loss," she says, adding that the song is not so much about that type of pain, but "the investment to signify a tenacious resilience."

She continues, "In a situation of loss, you can never get that time back, but it also strengthens you at the same time. We don't know how strong we are until we're put to that test."

Behind the scenes

"All For Nothing" features rapper Rick Ross, who appears in the music video in the back of a Maybach with Ford. She describes the scene as her "most memorable moment," adding, "He always drops gems like none-other whenever I see him. It was only right to have him bless the record!"

Her video, scheduled for release very soon, expands on the song's themes with symbols of loss like a hearse, a funeral procession and the death card. But it isn't all dark the whole time. "After, you see a cleanse of the negativity — a new beginning," Ford says. "I wanted it to reflect my journey through love and loss, and the power behind that moment. It's one of my favorite visuals to date."

Listen to "All For Nothing," below, and stream X Tapes here.

Photos courtesy of Paloma Ford