Oprah Gets Literal Sign From God(dess) to Run For President

Oprah Gets Literal Sign From God(dess) to Run For President

This is probably the best news you'll hear all day and maybe ever.

The long and short is that everyone knows that Oprah once said she was considering running for president in 2020 once 45's reign of terror has finally come to an end. It can't be said enough that we wait with baited breath for the day when It's All Over (TM)!

After what seemed like millions of *StOoPiD "thinkpieces"* from people writing essentially racist arguments against #Oprah2020 cloaked in cute "reasons why celebrities shouldn't run for the highest office in the land" (lol at that hypocrisy because November 7, 2017) -- Oprah said she would only run if she got a literal sign from God to do so. Of course she'd say that because she's Oprah, which isn't even shade!

Anyway, this day has come. The Boston Globe reports that an 83-year-old Maine resident named Jesus Christ said she wrote Oprah a letter, presumably giving her the go-ahead to run, because she "likes her" and "would vote for her." BFF Gayle King posted about Jesus Christ's letter on Instagram, after receiving it at the O, The Oprah Magazine offices, wondering if it qualifies as the sign from God Oprah needs. We think it is. We also think it is a wild world we live in and are obsessed with the fact that someone would actually change their name to Jesus Christ. How chic is that.

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