Onitsuka Tiger Turns Cinderella's Glass Slipper Into Sneakers

Onitsuka Tiger Turns Cinderella's Glass Slipper Into Sneakers

Story by Isiah Magsino / Photography by Julian Buchan / Styling by Cody AllenSep 07, 2021

This article is a sponsored collaboration between Onitsuka Tiger and PAPER

There are some differences in the new Amazon Prime adaptation of Cinderella starring Camilla Cabello from the fairytale's original lore. For starters, Cinderella's name is shortened to just "Ella" and instead of Cabello fawning over a prince, she wants to girlboss it up by running a dress shop. Billy Porter also replaces the beloved fairy godmother as "Fab G."

Japanese fashion brand Onitsuka Tiger has added on to the shake-ups by giving Cinderella's glass slipper a bibbidi-bobbidi-boo makeover and transforming Cinderella's iconic high heel into a luminescent sneaker.

"The traditional story of Cinderella is presented in a more modern and diverse perspective," Onitsuka Tiger says of their Amazon Prime Video collaboration, adding that they "created this sneaker based on a novel interpretation of the glass slipper that allows anyone to be the protagonist in any situation, without being limited to the stereotype."

​Mia Marquez

Shoe: Onitsuka Tiger P-TRAINER PRZM

Discarding the original heel, the shoe model is the P-TRAINER PRZM™ from the brand's Contemporary collection. Reminiscent of Cinderella's glass slipper, the upper portion of the sneaker is glossy and radiates a mirror-like prism effect. The shoe's platform sole is decorated with Onitsuka Tiger's iconic brand stripes, the heel top features the film's tiara and and the tongue label has Cinderella's movie logo.

Cabello isn't the only one offering a modern twist to the princess fairytale, though. Alongside PAPER, Onitsuka Tiger recruited Tik Tok creators Plastique Tiara, Deja Lynch and Mia Marquez to show other forms of what a modern-day princess can look like in the new glittering sneaker.

"This sneaker is a new take on the glass slipper that goes beyond gender and age," Onitsuka Tiger says.

For those looking to channel their inner princess, think fast. There are only 800 pairs available at selected Onitsuka Tiger stores worldwide, on their online store, and the Amazon Japan Website. In this case, a dream is a sneaker that Onitsuka Tiger makes.

Photography: Julian Buchan
Styling: Cody Allen

Makeup: Dominique Della (The Only Agency)
Hair: Courtney Housner (The Only Agency)
Models: Plastique Tiara, Deja Lynch and Mia Marquez