Give Nicki Her Crocs Deal Already

Give Nicki Her Crocs Deal Already

We need no further proof. Nicki Minaj is single-handedly spear-heading 2021's Rise of the Crocs.

In a post promoting the release of her new clean version of Beam Me Up Scotty, Minaj posted a picture in a swimsuit and Crocs shoes. These aren't your run-of-the-mill black Crocs. They were decorated with luxury logos and given their own twist, making them the most glam iteration of the iconic slide we've seen.

Just days ago, Minaj said she didn't expect to make Crocs sales soar after she wore her bedazzled pink pair last week. The 4,900% spike in sales for the colorway even led the site to crash. We only hope Crocs' tech support is on standby for the black colorway's inevitable traffic.

Or maybe, just maybe, it'll be green. Last week, Minaj re-released her 2009 mixtape Beam Me Up Scotty and, with it, a new track, "Seeing Green," that featured Lil Wayne and Drake. Could Minaj release a music video featuring herself wearing green Crocs? Maybe another post wearing them? One can only hope.

Photo via Getty/ Jamie McCarthy for TIDAL