This App Lets You Watch Netflix With Your Quarantined Friends

This App Lets You Watch Netflix With Your Quarantined Friends

As many start to settle into their quarantine routines and familiarize themselves with a social distancing way of life — brought to you by Zoom meetings, club livestreams and instructional TikToks — it feels more urgent than ever to find ways to connect with friends and loved ones while still remaining in isolation. Luckily, for those of us who enjoy watching movies and shows in the company of others, there is an easy solution to your woes.

Thanks to COVID-19, the free Chrome app, Netflix Party, is getting a lot more attention these days. Released just last week, the browser extension allows those who have it to sync up their video playback on Netflix without a ton of buffering. The app also introduces a social element into the mix with a collapsible group chat function so you can all react in real time with out having to shush anyone for talking over the dialogue.

With movies like Cats, The Hunt, The Invisible Man and Emma all coming to streaming services early because of the ongoing pandemic, Netflix Party feels like a great alternative to heading out to a movie theater in these trying times. That in mind, we also recognize that you might have already blown through your Netflix queue or not even know where to start so we polled some of the PAPER editorial department to see what they've been watching while working from home to give you some ideas:

Mario Abad, Fashion Reporter (@marioabad):Love is Blind, Next in Fashion

Katherine Gillespie, Features Editor (@kattgillespie):John Mulaney's The Sack Lunch Bunch is of great comfort to me right now.

Jael Goldfine, Entertainment Reporter (@excuseme_sosorry_mybad): Inspired by Cat Cohen, I am about to dive into Gossip Girl in preparation of the reboot

Michael Love Michael, Culture Editor (@michaelxomichael):The Mind of Aaron Hernandez:slightly_smiling_face:The Confession Killer:slightly_smiling_face:How to Get Away With Murder:slightly_smiling_face:The Staircase:slightly_smiling_face:

Matt Moen, Writer (@skinnymctoothpick):The Queen, Good Time, and Pop Team Epic

Justin Moran, Digital Director (@justintmoran):Contagion, Lady Gaga: Five Foot Two

Taylor Roberts, Social Media Editor (@fakeroberts):Mad Men, Cloverfield, Ferris Bueller's Day Off

Eliza Weinreb, Managing Editor (@miathermopolisofficial):Ugly Delicious Season 2, Mad Men (again)

For more information on how to use and download Netflix Party head over to the creators' website and if you really like the app consider supporting them on Patreon.

Photo Courtesy of Netflix Party