Nailed It: Stilet-Toes

Nailed It: Stilet-Toes

Spotlighting the best nail art on the Internet.

From its roots in New York and Japan to a proliferation around the world thanks to the connectedness of social media, intricate, over-the-top nail art is alive and well and has never been more inventive. Each day, Nailed It will highlight a manicure or style we love, from both celebrity and underground nail artists.

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Sometimes when you're getting a fresh set of acrylics, the clear tips themselves look so clean and new that you hesitate for a moment to lacquer them in polish. Creative director and stylist Jamie-Maree Shipton took that desire to the next level by creating an extra-long, clear stiletto nail moment as an impractical but sickening pedicure. Photographed by fashion photographer Tom Blesch, the look makes us want to kick off our shoes and wear toenails so long we could kill a man with one kick.

Photo via Instagram