#MyWhitePrivilege Is Trending on Twitter

#MyWhitePrivilege Is Trending on Twitter

One of the most unexpected hashtags trended in the US on Twitter on Saturday: #MyWhitePrivelege. A number of people are using the hashtag to honestly share stories of the most outrageous things they've gotten away with because of the color of their skin — from spitting in cops faces, to not being judged for single motherhood.

The trending topic seems to have begun from user @Freeyourmindkid, who asked, "White people - What is the most outrageous thing that you've gotten away with as a white person that you know damn well a black or brown person would have never gotten away with? #MyWhitePrivilege"

This tweet yielded over 2,000 replies, 1.3K retweets, and 2.9K likes.

But while some are using this as a gesture to call out their white privilege, and recognizing systematic racism, it looks like many are also ridiculing the hashtag, and also using it to deny the existence of white privilege, calling it a "myth," and accusing those who are sharing stories of "race-baiting." Some are giving supposed "proof" that it doesn't exist because they weren't able to get away with certain transgressions.

What these Twitter users are not understanding is the very definition of "white privilege," which is mainly just the fact that their skin color does not contribute to making their lives more difficult.

All in all, while the hashtag initially had well-meaning intentions, this is a seriously confusing Twitter moment that isn't really benefiting anyone. It's really just spurred an endless debate on the Internet that no one really asked for, and has unleashed some catastrophically ignorant tweets from a number of catastrophically ignorant people.

Don't know about you, but I'm just about done with the Internet for the day. Just to be clear, though: white privilege does exist. And that's that.

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