Morgan Saint Wants To Make Love Last

Morgan Saint Wants To Make Love Last

By Ivan GuzmanJan 19, 2024

Morgan Saint’s feelings are overflowing. On her new single, “End of Time,” she sings about pulling her lover closer, a feeling as liberating as the ocean breeze. “Can we stay together, love of mine? Just us two til the end of time?”

It’s a wondrous, childlike expression of love that has come to define the New York-born singer’s steady stream of passion pop. The music video, premiering today on PAPER, keeps that same energy. It was inspired and directed by Saint and her wife Carley Ridersleeve, who she was friends with for years and left another relationship to be with. “It was complicated since we were in this friend space with deeper feelings,” she says. “I wasn’t making myself happy, and I was hurting the person I wanted to be with.”

When she finally made the leap and their love blossomed, magic happened. The two have become not just life partners but a creative duo, fully engineering, producing, styling and even coloring Saint’s music videos together. “I hope [this body of work] can contribute to paving the way for more female and queer artists to write and produce their own music and make their own visuals.” The visual itself is lush and colorful, inspired by late 90’s and early 2000’s Japanese films.

Saint has a striking face, fit for a Balenciaga runway. Her look in “End of Time,” she says, pulls from romance, sport and punk. “I’ve been wearing a lot of athletic shoulder pads lately, which make me feel confident and strong.” The song is a follow-up to last year’s earworm-y “Did You Lose Your Heart” and predates an upcoming full-length LP, she confirms.

In terms of advice on secretly being in love with your best friend? “Don’t waste time,” she says. “Tell them. Life is too short and each day is so valuable.”