Embrace Your Blue Period with This 'MONOCHROME' Exhibit

Embrace Your Blue Period with This 'MONOCHROME' Exhibit

For those seeking endless Instagrammable scenarios for which you might caption "mood," "big mood" or "schmood," artist Cj Hendry's latest solo exhibition "MONOCHROME" is about to leave you shaking.

Constructed within a 22,000 industrial space, the show features multiple living spaces all designed around a specific color: pink, electric blue, road-cone orange and more. "Color is exciting and sad and frustrating and confusing," Hendry says. "Color is all around us, it's everywhere. Color is not a physical thing, it's a thing that describes something else. By drawing crumpled colored cards I have given color a physicality and form."

There's an all-purple bathroom, a bright red dining room and a baby pink bedroom — complete with teddies, t-shirts and high heels of various pink hues. Each room also includes framed photographs of crumpled Pantone color swatches.

Wander through the exhibit over the weekend (it's open to the public from 10 am through 5 pm, at276 Greenpoint Ave in Brooklyn), or check out images of the rooms, below. There's no doubt Hendry's creation will be a truly magical — and photogenic — experience.

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Photos Courtesy of Cj Hendry