Mod Sun Reportedly Blindsided By Avril Lavigne and Tyga's Romance

Mod Sun Reportedly Blindsided By Avril Lavigne and Tyga's Romance

Mod Sun was just as surprised about Avril Lavigne and Tyga as you.

As you've probably heard by now, the "Battle Scars" singer and his former fiancée spent the past few months trying to make things work, prior to Avril finally deciding to end their engagement last month. However, Mod Sun's inner circle is saying that it's become even harder to cope with the heartbreak, and it's all thanks to his ex's brand new romance with Tyga.

According to TMZ, sources close to the pop punk musician explained that he was already having a difficult time with the breakup before Avril and Tyga were spotted kissing at Paris Fashion Week, meaning the photos have been a huge source of pain. In fact, the outlet characterized Mod Sun — who's currently away on tour for his new album God Save the Teen — as "devastated" after seeing her move on so fast, especially since the split was "far from a mutual decision."

"As if being blindsided by the abrupt end to their engagement wasn't bad enough -- we're told he feels absolutely devastated by her budding romance with Tyga," as TMZ relayed, while also noting that Mod Sun "feels like he did nothing wrong."

Even so, Avril and Tyga have still "been together all over Paris for Fashion Week, and they're pouring on the PDA pretty heavily." Not only that, but the insiders added that Mod Sun thinks that Avril making out with Tyga in Paris is "a huge slap in the face ... or even vengeful toward him," seeing as how he proposed there back in April 2022.

That said, the two appear to have differing perspectives about the breakup, with Avril sources saying they were "on and off." Meanwhile, a representative for Mod Sun initially denied the report, which his friends also backed up by saying that the exes were living together "without interruption."

Mod Sun has yet to publicly address Avril and Tyga's romance. In the meantime though, you can read TMZ's report about the situation here.

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