MJ Rodriguez Finally Got Her Golden Globes Moment

MJ Rodriguez Finally Got Her Golden Globes Moment

Last year, Michaela Jaé Rodriguez made history as the first openly trans actor to win a Golden Globe. Taking home the award for Best Actress in a TV Drama for playing Bianca in Pose, the win was the show's first Golden Globe since its 2018 premiere and made LGBTQIA+ history. Rodriguez said in her acceptance speech, "This is the door that opens for y'all.”

The only downside was that the 2022 Golden Globes were never televised.

You may recall that last year's Globes ended up being a smaller more private affair as the result of COVID-19 restrictions and an A-list boycott of the awards show over questionable ethics and a lack of diversity, leaving the actors that did end up receiving awards having to deliver their socially distanced acceptance speeches on Instagram Live like Rodriguez. It isn't very often that the universe hands out second chances, but fortunately Rodriguez ended up finally getting the proper recognition she deserved at the 2023 Golden Globes.

Accepting the Carol Burnett Award for his achievements in television, Ryan Murphy took the opportunity to celebrate all the LGBTQ+ actors he's worked with over the span of his career, including making sure Rodriguez got the standing ovation she deserved a year ago.

“MJ from Newark, New Jersey, became the first trans actress ever to win a Golden Globe. Wow. How I would have loved for MJ to be on this stage, getting the standing ovation she deserved for making history,” said Murphy. “And I’m thrilled to say that MJ is one of my guests tonight. She’s here at my table. So MJ, please stand up and let’s give her the ovation that she deserves to hear.”

Murphy went on to shoutout fellow Pose actor Billy Porter, saying, "There aren’t enough words in the English language to convey what you mean to me.” He also gave props to Niecy Nash-Betts who he praised for choosing "love not fear" when she married her wife a few years ago, Matt Bomer who "defied the ridiculous rules that have been in place for almost a century" to play "the action star and the romantic lead," and The Inspection star Jeremy Pope who he heralded as "the future."

“It is hard to be an LGBTQ+ youth in America and in fact all over the world then and now. And I have one word for you: Florida,” Murphy said, recalling the distinct lack of queer representation he remembered growing up. “You are often told you will never become anything and you have to hide your light to survive. But for those kids watching tonight, I offer up MJ and Billy and Niecy and Matt and Jeremy as examples of possibility. There is a way forward, use them as your North stars.”

Watch Murphy's full acceptance speech, including Rodriguez's long overdue standing ovation, below.

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