Miss Nothing Is the Fashion Brand Inspired by Anna Delvey

Miss Nothing Is the Fashion Brand Inspired by Anna Delvey

Miss Nothing is as openly vapid as its name suggests. Inspired by pop culture party girls and high-profile scammers alike, the London-based indie label is leaning into a slutty sensibility that can be worn during any occasion (or at least the ones without enforced dress codes). If you’re seeking anything much deeper, look elsewhere. There’s no real nuance needed, because who has the time, and that actually makes the clothes all the more authentic.

For empty-headed nights out in stripper heels that spill into mornings, Miss Nothing is an affordable go-to uniform. Throw on the “Prom Dress,” described online as “so skimpy, so sexy, so slay,” and pair it with Miss Nothing’s “Idiot Cap” with an explanation of rumors and haters in lovely script font. When you finally make it back to bed, with or without a hookup, rest up with the “No Morals Sleeping Mask.” (Apparently, it’s “softer than your ex.”)

If this sounds like you or the lifestyle you aspire to, read on for more from Miss Nothing and shop like it’s 2006 in Beverly Hills, here.

How’d you arrive at the name, "Miss Nothing"? What does it mean? Or is it, really, meaningless?

It doesn’t really mean anything. We are kind of working around the idea of minimal clothing (read: very little fabric, reducing the waste), so it really is quite nothing.

Side note: The Pretty Reckless has a song, called "Miss Nothing." Do we love or hate?

We love.

Why choose to remain anonymous? How does that impact the way the brand is received by the public?

There isn’t really a point of adding a name to something that speaks for itself.

If you could witness any pop culture moment from Lindsay Lohan's past, which would you choose?

Ugh, it’s so hard to choose. We’d love to force ourselves into that car with Paris and Britney.

Who is your favorite "Myspace Whore" of all time?

Ayesha Erotica.

What is the quintessential "Miss Nothing" uniform?

"Abdominoplasty" Mini dress and "No Morals" cap.

Is there anywhere you shouldn’t wear "MissNothing"? What’s the ideal occasion?

You can wear it anywhere, really: Office, church, night out, Pieces, night in, Hinge date, Grindr hook-up, family gathering. Why limit yourself?

If you could scam any person or business with your muse, Anna Delvey, who would you choose?

Probs one of the Wall Street cunts. We’d love to say that we’d invest in the business, but most money would be spent for nights out. We’d produce a few more styles of dresses with the leftover money.

How do you define "Slutcore"? Will we ever reach the end of -core trend iterations?

It’s kind of a way of living and not caring — doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with what you are wearing. Trends should die, in general. Fairy mushroom head core is so fucking lame. That’s why MissNothing apparel is so timeless.

Photos courtesy of Miss Nothing