Are Mariah Carey and Millie Bobby Brown Making Music Together?

Are Mariah Carey and Millie Bobby Brown Making Music Together?

Millie Bobby Brown may be adding "musician" to her resume with the help of none other than Mariah Carey.

Ahead of the upcoming premiere of her new movie Enola Holmes 2, the 18-year-old actress talked about her unexpected friendship with the legendary pop star during her appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, during which she also teased a potential musical collaboration with Carey, who she refers to as "Mimi."

First off though, Brown had to explain how the two became friends in the first place, telling the surprised talk show host about how she saw a Halloween photo of Carey's 11-year-old twins, Moroccan and Monroe Cannon, with a carved pumpkin featuring her beloved Stranger Thingscharacter, Eleven, back in 2019.

"I saw [that] and thought... 'Oh, I need to meet her son and do the pose and make her think that I have superpower.' And we met and then obviously I met Mariah and oh, we connected," she recalled, adding that she bonded with the Glitter star over growing up in the spotlight.

"She grew up in the public eye," Brown said, before voicing her admiration for Carey, who's an apparent mentor figure she calls and texts regularly. "I love the way she leads her life with so much power, and she has so much knowledge and she's so wise. And she's just been such an incredible guiding light for me."

However, Brown's most interesting revelation came after revealing that the iconic singer is known to randomly burst out in song, including one time when the duo were at dinner. So naturally, Fallon couldn't help but ask whether or not she'd ever joined in on the fun, to which she coyly responded, ""We have sung together, like in her studio, sung together." And as for a possible collaboration?

"Potentially," Brown teased. "I mean, she's always doing something. She's like the most busiest woman ever."

Carey has yet to respond to Brown's comments, but in the meantime, you can watch Brown's talk about her friendship with the legendary diva below.

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