Miley Cyrus Let Her Mom Cut Her Hair

Miley Cyrus Let Her Mom Cut Her Hair

Miley Cyrus is constantly going through an experimental phase. Whether it's a wild outfit or a crazy beauty look, fans of the singer never really know what to expect. This time, bringing back an almost nostalgic Hannah Montana-ish vibe, in a series of photos Cyrus showed off brand new blonde locks along with jagged bangs.

That slightly DIY aesthetic isn't accidental. The new hair comes courtesy of Miley's mother, Tish Cyrus, who posted footage of the cop on Instagram. Celebrity stylist Sally Hershberger touched things up afterwards.

So far, the modern mullet look is so far generating mixed responses from Miley's fans. "This is the worst haircut I've ever laid my eyes on u call urself a hairstylist" one wrote on Instagram. "Now this is gonna be all over TMZ and the news plus the locals that don't like Miley are gonna think she's going through a meltdown again why can't we ever win gonna go cry now bye! That was all."

"all i want in life is for miley cyrus to dye her hair brown again," another added. There were some defenders: "People will get mad at this too by saying why she chopped the long hair off but gurrlll do u know hair grows back and it's necessary to get a haircut to make it better!!! @MileyCyrus you're SLAYING!" a Twitter user wrote.

"@mileycyrus you look amazing, you're the perfect face at the perfect age fully developed all the bones are settled and baby fat is gone that's my Catholic sexual preference for babies I guess? Great hair you look your prettiest ever," another added.

But what does Miley's boyfriend Cody Simpson think?

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